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8 SEO Trends That Will Continue in 2021

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Everyone knows SEO is a fast-moving industry. Google is continually introducing new technologies and updating old ones to improve the quality of its search results.

In the past, some of these updates have massively changed the SEO game. But we think things are unlikely to be heading that way in 2021. It’s more likely that existing trends will continue and that Google will continue refining rather than redefining the search landscape.

Given that prediction, here are a few SEO trends to keep in mind in 2021:

  1. Zero-click searches will continue to rise

  2. Voice search will continue to increase in popularity

  3. Providing a good user experience will get even more critical

  4. Mobile-friendliness will be crucial for everyone

  5. Google will get better at identifying E‑A-T

  6. Google Discover will drive more traffic

  7. Image search will gain even more potential

  8. Search intent will remain king

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